e-Commerce, Social Media And Marketing For Wholesale Fashion Handbag co.

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Contra Costa County
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Availability :
Part time
Years experience :
2 to 5 years

Company description

Mary Frances Accessories is one of the leading embellished handbag & fashion accessories companies in the United States. We have been in business for over 27 years with a proven track record for a quality product, a loyal customer base. We distribute domestically & internationally to thousands of boutiques, department & chain stores & distributors. We are a bustling, friendly & upbeat office that currently employs 11 people.Our business is exciting and has many avenues for opportunity.

Job description

We are looking for a friendly person that is proficient in working with all social media platforms, knows how to enhance the sales performance of a website can contact and work with influencers as well as collaborators. Depending on skill set, may be asked to help with customers service and in house sales endeavors. Ideally you bring a great spirit to the office!


Position Summary
* Spearhead and manage Social Media, and e-commerce
*Reach out to influencers
* Curate imagery for our social media as well as sales outreach.
* The ability to wear numerous hats
* Help maximize our website sales via marketing, constant contact etc.
* Strong writing skills for marketing purposes
* Assist in general marketing and sales endeavors
* Solid computer sales
* Ideally wholesale experience is preferable
Primary Responsibilities:
* Website sales management and promoter
* Lead our social media and marketing endeavors. Staying on top of current social media trends.
*Help guide our marketing endeavors.

Specific needs

This is a rare opportunity for the right person! Please only qualified applicants. The hours for this position may range from 20-32 hours. Please send resume as well as hourly requirements. Must be able to commute to work from a reasonable distance.