Planner / Inventory Demand / Operations $90k-$100k Boe

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New York
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Full time

Company description

Jaral Fashion, Inc. is a personnel consulting firm specializing in recruiting for the Fashion Industry, including, but not limited to, management, design and technical. Clothing corresponds to "beauty"; and a garment woven from positive thought will express the beauty of those who wear it. Every company in the garment industry, in its own unique way, garbs the world in beauty. And Jaral Fashion, Inc. is here to provide your company with the talent to fulfill this purpose successfully.

Job description

Must have experience in Mass Business. Experience in Wal-Mart retail link or Target required.  Oversee all replenishment sales programs for mass retailers like Walmart and Target. Improve ATS reporting and pre-bookings. Help develop strategies to optimize inventory levels, sales and margin results. Predict future inventory needs, producing plans for buying based on forecasts, sales performance and other variables. Manage and maintain current inventory levels. Maintain and manage inventory activity to avoid discrepancies, Assist managers with inventory demand planning and replenishment tasks. Work with production team to insure shipments to meet demand is complete, correct, and on time. Work with sourcing and production teams to provide effective forecasting for capacity planning. Help drive movement of excess inventory positions. Participate in company meetings, suggesting better methods to handle current inventory and improve the use of company resources. Work with merchandiser, product, licensing and sales teams to develop successful merchandising plans to help drive company performance and objectives.  Established midtown company.